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Dear Friends of KNEH Catholic Radio:

73 % Americans say they listen to the same amount or more radio than they did 5 years ago. Radio, a strong media presence, continues to impact lives into the future.

Over the past ten years, Catholic radio has grown at an average rate of one station per month. Today, there are over 190 Catholic Relevant Radio stations coast to coast across the U.S. That means that over half the U.S. population has access to the truths of the Catholic faith via radio signal.

Its continued growth is a sign of its popularity and impact on individual Catholics across the country. Here are a few examples from right here in Helena, MT:

“After 30 years of being away from the Catholic Church I started listening to Relevant Radio. For the past 20 years I was an Evangelical and loved the Lord and loved studying the Bible…..after listening to “Go Ask Your Father” and praying the (Divine Mercy) Chaplet, my heart has really been opened to the validity of Catholic Doctrine. Believe me; I didn’t expect it to happen! On all of the programming, the truths of the Catholic Church are treated in a reverent, authoritative, and yet very merciful way. Thank you all so much. Just after Easter … I made my first Confession in 30 years. Here in Montana, we are very blessed.”
KNEH Listener, Helena, MT

“As Protestants being drawn to Catholicism, the programs that we heard on KNEH provided a way to hear Catholic dialogue in a non-threatening way. As our family came closer to entering the Catholic Church, KNEH Relevant Radio became a primary source of catechesis for us all. In addition to all that we have learned about our Catholic faith, we have come to know and love the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which has enriched and deepened our lives of prayer. Our family entered the Church this past Easter Vigil. Thank you to the supporters of KNEH for the role you have played in our faith journeys.”
KNEH Listener, Helena, MT

One listener said that ‘If you want to see your faith life and that of your family’s come alive, I highly recommend taking the 30-day Catholic Radio Challenge – Listen to nothing but Catholic Radio for the next 30 days. See if your life is not moved for the better because of it!’

I hope that all of you will issue this wonderful challenge to a friend, relative or co-worker. Thank YOU for helping us spread the Good News of KNEH, 97.3FM Helena Catholic Radio. You are truly our partner in bringing the New Evangelization to life in Helena.

Rose Casey, KNEH General Manager